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Exifer 2.1.5 Crack Build 263 Free Download

Exifer 2.1.5 Build 263 Free Download

Exifer 2.1.5  Build 263 Free Download

Exifer 2.1.5  build 263 is power full software and can be used to metadata. This software is totally managing the metadata EXIFER/ uses to picture occupied the digital camera. This software hasn’t remained updated for years currently and there won’t be an update in different types of future. The user easily used without any limit, so this cause this software postcardware used to manage the metadata for any time or without limit. The user can certainly use this software. sometimes image processing software and other software destroy the metadata, when Exifer software is used to manage the metadata and this software certainly to create the backup of metadata, likewise user can easily editing any software and restore the easily any files.

Exifer 2.1.5 Crack Build 263 Free Download

the user can easily create the backup of metadata by using this software Exifer 2.1.5 Build 263 .its provide the different formats. The user can easily delete the files in backup directly. It is a powerfull is used to restore the metadata from any picture occupied the digital camera. It’s effortlessly rotating the main image. This software is used to cover photo, SuperEasy Video Converter, in which used to JPEG comment and TIFF files. Exifer is a very powerfull tool is providing the facility to work the previous page.

Exifer 2.1.5 Build 263 is providing the selection you can certainly select the thumbnail must be replaced laid-back with the main which slideshow provides the two button all in the current directly, including subdirectories, you can easily choose any download this tool and manage the metadata.


Exifer 2.1.5  Build 263 Free Download

Feature of Exifer 2.1.5:

  • Provide the facility to renaming and redacting, editing with various formats.
  • Provide the facility to Exif data, IPTC data, comments, custom view.
  • Users can easily copy the Exifer/IPTC of all selected files to the clipboard.
  • Easily create the backup of metadata and totally manage the metadata.
  • The user can easily use Exifer it’s frequent.
  • Provide the inserting Exifer data from THM files.
  • Its provide the facility to retain data on changes, online update, shortcuts, open with any application, added Exifer to explore context menu.
  • This tool is totally Export/import of metadata CSV, Canto Cumulus, descriptions. Icon files.
  • It selects the direct picture.
  • Select all, select all with data, select all with backups, select all with different backups, select all without thumbnail.

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