Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download With Exciting New Features

Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download With Exciting New Features

Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download With Exciting New Features

Windows 7 Professional ISO Free Download With Exciting New FeaturesWindows 7 Professional ISO is perhaps the most popular and efficient operating system launched by Microsoft till date. It is used by millions of individuals and companies across the globe. Windows 7 was introduced by the company in the year 2009 to give users an alternative and an upgrade to the existing Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. If you are stuck with either of these two operating systems and wondering if Windows 7 download would be suitable for you or not, read on to know many new things and features of this amazing OS from Windows.

Windows 7 Professional ISO Is Totally A New OS

To be fair to the company, Windows 7 is a unique and new operating system though many feel it be an upgrade to Windows Vista OS that was introduced in the year 2006. Windows 7 is intended mainly for personal users and it allows the user to not only manage software but also interact with the functions of the computer in a lively and more interactive manner. For example, the Aero Snap feature of Windows 7 allows the user to view two different windows on the same screen. Download Windows 7 on your PC to experience this feature.

Windows 7 Professional ISO New Exciting Features

Windows 7 Professional ISO Features Image
Windows 7 Professional ISO Features Image

There are many new and exciting features in Windows 7 such as the facility to view more on the taskbar, quicker file searching, and more convenient sharing of files using Homegroup. With the download of Windows 7, you start to use an operating system that supports 64-bit processing, a format that is today a standard in PC computing. You will find that your computer goes to sleep faster and much more easily than with earlier operating systems and it also wakes up faster.

The same is true for recognition of USB devices. You will be happy to see that your PC, once you have downloaded Windows 7 OS, recognizes your pen drives in a lightning fast manner. What is surprising s that despite being so much more efficient, Windows 7 takes up smaller memory than its predecessors? Windows 7 also provides new opportunities with media streaming from the internet.

Whether you have been using Windows Vista or Windows XP, you are sure to find improvements in Windows 7 OS. However, those who have been using Vista already know all about Aero Snap, the faster and more efficient search and better organization with the Start menu. These users will nevertheless feel subtle improvements when they switch over to Windows 7.

If you have been using XP, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the changes n the new OS. To make it clear, the following list contains all the features that are totally new for both the XP as well as Vista users.

  1. The system tray and the taskbar are both new
  2. There is a new button for a quick view of the desktop
  3. The start-up is faster with improved resume and sleep performance of the computer
  4. There is better management of power leading to improved battery life in case of laptops and clear improvement in memory saving
  5. To help with organization and quick access to files, there are separate libraries
  6. There is a revamped Action Center to help in troubleshooting and for carrying out system maintenance
  7. There is provision to customize user account for the purpose of notifications
  8. You get to use new themes and wallpapers in this new OS from Windows
  9. There are many new gadgets to work with this OS
  10. Windows 7 download gives you many new games like Inkball, Mahjong, and Chess Titans to play with
  11. The new calculator provided with Windows 7 has the feature of history saving that was not here with previous operating systems
  12. Better and improved networking in Windows 7 through HomeGroup
  13. Users get protection while working with network
  14. Windows Live is the new alternative to Windows Mail
  15. Speedier performance resulting in much better user experience

There are many curious individuals who want to know if there are any better performance and improvement in their user experience with Windows 7 download or not. For these people, there is considerable improvement in the performance and speed of your computer after you switch to Windows 7.

For example, you find your computer going to sleep and waking up much faster than with previous operating systems. It uses up smaller memory to give a faster user experience. People have found that their startup and shutdown times have gone down by almost 20 seconds when they started to use Windows 7.

When you are searching for something inside your computer, you find the computer returning results in a much quicker time than before. His is really very encouraging for the users of Windows operating system as a slow response from this OS has been the biggest grouse of the users till now.

Booting of devices when starting up is really fast making waiting for the computer to start up a thing of the past. However, do not expect a miracle by downloading and installing Windows 7 in your computer as the actual improvements depend on upon the number of programs running in the background and the configuration of your computer.

One user interface that makes the download of Windows 7 interesting for the users has been named Aero. Aero makes visual interaction with your computer almost fun filled.

With Aero Snap, you can resize the window to place 2-3 side by side to see and compare. You can even get a 3D view of the windows that are open with the help of Aero Flip. You can use Aero Shake to see one of the windows while the rest disappear for the moment. One good thing that you are sure to notice after downloading Windows 7 is the larger Task Bar.

You can quickly get to the web pages that visit frequently with the help of Jump Lists. There is a feature called Pin that allows you rearrange the order of the programs.

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