Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License Key

Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License Key

Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License Key

Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License KeyAdguard 6.0.189 Crack is an application that will help you surf the internet without being constantly bothered by annoying commercials. Adguard 6.0.189 provides protection against aggressive ads and malicious and phishing websites. A malicious web site may expose your system to virus attacks.

A phishing site may expose you to theft of personal data such as usernames, passwords or credit card information. Adguard 6.0.189 includes filters, which are designed to protect your system from all these adverse situations. It also includes tools that will block videos add, rich media ads and many other types of advertisement.

Adguard 6.0.189 Keygen is compatible with popular web browsers for instance Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and other less known. After installing Adguard 6.0.189 Crack, it will automatically start at boot up. It comes with an intuitive user interface, which allows you to adjust various settings and security options.

You are able to define different levels of protection for your computer, such as minimum or maximum. Also, you are allowed to enable or disable various protection filters. Adguard 6.0.189 is a powerful application that protects your system from many threats. It offers a wide range of protection tools, which help you to surf the Internet safely.

Key Features:

  • Blocks disruptive ads
  • Reduced page load time
  • Protects your system from malicious and phishing websites
  • Blocking ads and tracking applications
  • Cosmetic treatment of the page
  • HTML Filtering Site
  • Works in all browsers
  • Protection against malicious ads
  • Parental control options
  • Filtering ad in applications
  • Remove absolutely all types of ads
  • Protect personal data
  • Take care of all the trackers that attempt to spy on the net
  • All dangerous and malicious websites will be blocked
  • Impressive support for web browsers
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Warns you about websites with dubious reputation
  • And much more


Adguard 6.0.189 License Key has a basic interface and an extended version also, dedicated to advanced users. The two main sections consist of the protection module and the Settings area. You can easily turn the overall protection on and off. In addition, Ad Blocker and safe navigation can be enabled or disabled individually and reset statistics.

You can also enter URLs manually to remove ads, phishing, and malicious websites and add exceptions in the Protection section. In addition, you can protect your privacy by filtering for web counters and analysis and blocking and filtering social media widgets and allow the useful advertisements.

The navigation safety zone indicates the number of audited web pages, objects, and potentially dangerous applications blocked. From this control panel, you can easily activate notifications about blocked requests, choose to use phishing and malware blacklists utility for Safe Browsing.

Adguard 6.0.189 Crack comes with a parental control feature, so you can easily protect your children from viewing adult content. To change your settings, you can add a password. A Safe Search mode can be activated, so as to exclude adult resources from the results of search engines, while it is also possible to select a level of sensitivity that is based on age.



Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License Key Adguard 6.0.189 Crack With Keygen, License Key

Adguard 6.0.189 sits quietly in the system tray, so you do not become annoying and can be activated or deactivated with a click of the button. All isolated elements of statistics are available in the key window while you can also modify the language, reset to launch automatically when Windows starts.

This is visible in the down right corner of any browser and assists you to obstruct the elements, add exceptions with minimal effort. It really useful and adds value to your Internet browsing practice without affecting system performance in any way. The interface is suitable for all types of users. Adguard 6.0.189 Crack is one of the best ad blocker and pop-up killer for all browsers, protects against phishing and reduces both the loading times and data usage.

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  • Enjoy fully activated Adguard 6.0.189… 🙂
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