MediaGet 2.01 Keygen Incl Serial Key Free

MediaGet 2.01 Keygen Incl Serial Key Free

MediaGet 2.01 Keygen helps you to download torrent files at an impressive speed from a wide variety of websites and is available for Mac and Windows computers.

There are two ways how you can download torrent files: you can quickly search for them on torrent trackers supplied or you can manually add the torrent link and start the download.

MediaGet 2.01 also has the ability to set priorities for each torrent file download to increase their allocated bandwidth. If you have uTorrent installed on your computer, you can import the download list for MediaGet 2.01. Then the list will be removed from uTorrent so that you will not have any kind of errors.


A great feature that MediaGet 2.01Serial Key offers the possibility of watching movies while they are being downloaded. Once you have started to download a torrent movie file you can read it in the Media Player and you can watch as long as the download process is not interrupted.

In addition, once downloaded, you can organize files into different categories (movies, games, software, and music). MediaGet 2.01 is a tool that supports and facilitates the search for any file type using intelligent application of search engine. Once you find a movie, video or document you need the program performs the download.

If you prefer to view the content downloaded from the MediaGet 2.01 interface, it can be done without problem, because this software comes with an integrated media player.

The installation process takes no more than a minute, the interface has been designed to be as simple as possible, so that even beginners to find their way in the application and to enjoy the torrent files.

A search function can be selected in the main window, while a navigation panel allows you to move easily and to find all the embedded options.

MediaGet 2.01 Keygen is worth trying because, besides downloading torrent files, it also provides you the ability to watch the movie before the downloading is complete and you can organize all your downloads into categories.

MediaGet 2.01 Keygen Incl Serial Key Free


  • You can watch a movie while it is being downloaded
  • Imports uTorrent download lists
  • Organizes downloads in categories
  • helps you to download torrent files
  • available for Mac and Windows computers
  • ability to set priorities for each torrent file download
  • intelligent application of search engine
  • integrated media player
  • the interface has been designed to be as simple as possible
  • You can monitor the file download status at any time
  • computer’s performance will not be hindered

MediaGet 2.01 Keygen Incl Serial Key Free

The media player is one of the main features of MediaGet 2.01 because normally you have to wait until the download is complete to start viewing the film or video, but you can do it from the moment it begins to download the file on your computer.

Users can specify their desired destination folder or use a proxy server to manage their torrent files, and they can also set the tool to stop the computer when all downloads are complete.

You can monitor the file download status at any time and share content on the internet at high speed with MediaGet 2.01. MediaGet 2.01 Keygen is an intuitive application that offers the ability to search for torrent files and download them easily.

You can refine the search to ensure that the results are accurate, by simply specifying the desired size range of files or creating a keyword exclusion list. The results are displayed in a list, each element having an index corresponding to its speed – the faster the speed, the higher the rating. When a download thread is started,

you can assign a level of priority, or adjust the download and upload speed limits. This way, users can ensure that the process does not change the overall performance of the computer.

MediaGet 2.01 search are categorized into five groups: games, videos, audio, software and everything to make you easier to find what you want.

In addition, MediaGet 2.01 Keygen includes a catalog where to find file descriptions, album covers, video games and movies to begin the search with one click.

The amount of resources needed to properly run this software is quite low and therefore, the computer’s speed will not be hindered in any way. The response time is good; the interface is suitable for all categories of users.

Activation Process:

  • Click here to download MediaGet 2.01 Keygen.
  • Now disconnect the internet.
  • Use MediaGet 2.01 Keygen for activation.
  • Now use fully active MediaGet 2.01.

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