Windows 10 Technical Preview Free Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview Free Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview Free DownloadWindows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview Free Download is the latest and updated version of windows which has a lot of exciting and interesting features inside.Microsoft is tiresome to keep some of the touch windows features which introduced in the  Windows 8.In Windows 10 Microsoft combines most of the features with theDesktop, Start menu and run it all on top of an improved operating system having  security features, a new and fast  browser, the assistant, has its own  Office version for and a lot of new features.

This new Windows 10 available as a free it can upgrade for existing and Windows 8 and windows 7, it is assembled from the ground up to Microsoft’s vision of an integrated operating system that extends all devices without isolating any one platform. By this way, Microsoft rushed all the market of Google and Apple. Windows 10 has a unique and friendly user interface it is designed in such a way that is being compatible with the hardware, software, and all peripherals devices such as Printers, Multi Media, Scanners, Keyboard, Mouse, USB flash drives etc. The always-enabled updates features help you stay current on features and security for the compatible lifespan of your device.


Around the globe Millions of people are using Windows 10 now.

The most popular and enhanced Windows Insider Program is a global community of fans who love to use Windows and wants to help make it better. Insider community member has the advantage when any new feature is introduced they get to see new features first, the members of the insider can give feedback to make best Windows for the user.

The most stunning addition in the Windows 10 Technical Preview is the Start menu. Yes, it is back like in windows 7 and XP. From the release of windows 8 it is disappeared in the Windows 8 but now the Start button has been added to the lower left corner of the Windows desktop.

Complete Start menu can be shrunk or expanded as per your demand and linking.Stunning graphics is used in the colorful, animated live tiles are introduced in Windows 10. We can resize these live animated tiles, these can be arranged by dragging them about to arrange them into groups and pin more than 1 App in the task bar.

The new Store is the one place for all your favorite.Introducing the Windows 10 Technical Preview Store User can download and install millions of apps from the windows store the apps are compatible with all windows10 device. Now it’s easy just browse the store on from Laptop/PC, tablet, or Apple IPhone and easily download great free and paid digital content including apps, games, TV shows, music albums, movies and films etc.

Windows the Windows 10 can easily optimize your experience. You can navigate the onscreen features and apps scale smoothly from small to large screens. You can change from desktop to tablet mode at any time.

10 New and exciting Windows 10 Features:

  1. Universal Apps
  2. Office Apps Get Touch Support
  3. Continuum
  4. Action Center
  5. New Control Panel outlay
  6. Start Menu Returns
  7. Cortana on Desktop
  8. Xbox App
  9. Project Spartan Browser
  10. New and Improved Multitasking.
  11. Casting in Edge
  12. New Messaging and Skype App
  13. Automatic snapped window resizing
  14. Tablet Mode improvements
  15. Quick DPI changes
  16. Colorful and animated Windows titles
  17. Wider Start menu
  18. Shape-shifting context menus
  19. Speed Shift
  20. Fast Virtualization

Windows 10 Technical Preview requirements:

Processor: 1GHz or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2

RAM : 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)

Hard disk space: 16GB

Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9.

Screenshots of Windows 10:

Windows 10 Technical Preview Free Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview Free Download

How to install Windows 10:

  • Step 1: First Download the Windows 10
  • Step 2: Now download the” Rufus utility”. It’s portable and doesn’t require installation.
  • Step 3: Click on.Exe and run the ” Rufus utility” and insert your USB flash drive you can format your USB Flash drive with your computer  of with this software as well.
  • Step 4: Click the check box and select, “Create a bootable USB.” Click the drive icon Click the drive icon and Select the ISO File of Windows 10.
  • Step 5: Takes some time to complete than after is a message appear “Done” Now the process is complete .remove your USB Drive from the computer
  • Step 6: Now restart the computer and insert the bootable drive into the system Follow the instructions of windows setup.