Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

If you want to get your Windows 8 Operating System activated, you can get this easily done. 

It is well known that Windows 8 has become the most well liked and broadly downloaded operating system in the world, but is also very expensive. 

Many of us do not have that kind of money to spend and so they search for windows 8 product key or windows 8 product key generator in order to make active any version of windows 8.

This is where Windows 8 Activator comes in handy.   

This activator is the most dependable and authentic activator for windows 8, 8.1 windows versions. 

The KMS windows 8 activator facilitates all features of windows 8 and its active windows 8 to fully and for a lifetime. 

It works entirely on your laptop or Desktop. This activator is totally tested and has been ensured to be free of any Trojan, spyware or malware. 

You can download it with the peace of mind that it is a 100% usable and clean activator. 

This activator has new tools or features for offline activation of all Microsoft Windows Edition Activator (8, 7, XP, Vista, Server) and Office. 

It is very easy to use. Anyone can operate the activator regardless of computer knowledge or experience.  

One of the best features that this activator contains is, it enables windows update functions and enables windows 8 media center.

This software is easily obtainable, as it can be downloaded for free from the appropriate website. 

You can keep your money in your pocket and activate Windows 8 completely free of cost. 

You will then get access to all of the great features that Windows 8 has to offer. 

There is literally nothing for you to lose by downloading this software.

Key Features  of Windows 8 Permanent Activator

When you use the activator to get access to Windows 8, you can take advantage of the following features:
  • You achieve 100% lifetime authentic activation
  • The activator-supports all versions of windows 8.
  • There are online and offline activation methods.
  • You can get 24 hours server alterations all of the windows keys
  • You are able to start up all windows 8 features including media center and windows live update.
  • You are able to personalization your account picture and start screen
  • You get Standards and Language support.
  • You get an improved Windows Store.
  • You get an enhanced and simple user interface.
  • You get a File Explorer tool to easily access the document.
  • You have access to a better Task Manager tool to make your work easier.
  • You can easily integrate your Microsoft account.
  • There is Multi-monitor support.
  • The boot time is shorter.
  • You get access to a Video subsystem.
  • There is a Family Safety feature so you have control over what your children can do.
  • There is ARM architecture.
  • You can clearly view your file history.
  • You are able to reset and refresh.

Screenshot of Windows 8 Permanent Activator

Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

Windows 8 Permanent Activator 2015 KMS by Daz

Author Note:

With Windows 8 Activator, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get access to all the great features of the popular Windows 8.