Windows 8 Product Key Generator + Registration Key Download

Windows 8 Product Key Generator + Registration Key Download

Windows 8 Product Key Generator + Registration Key DownloadWindows 8 Product Key Generator

Windows 8 Product Key Generator is a latest and more effective operating system of the Microsoft crop. The windows 8 operating system was released on 1 August 2012 for testing and was released for general availability on 26 October 2012 .The new operating system is viewed as both a step backward and a step forward for Microsoft’s vision because it is a hybrid operating system that’s equally comfortable on laptops, Slates, Mobile Phone devices, Tablets and Desktop Computer.

In windows 8 the Microsoft put nearly all the focus on the touch interface.8announced new and latest changes to the operating system’s platform with these new features and updates Billions of users are getting attraction by windows 8. Windows 8 enter into market with a collection of new interface elements and features for mouse users. Windows 8 as the wonderful revolution in the technology of computer operating systems.

If we talk about the competition between the operating systems windows 8 stand first among all operating systems due to its cool and enhanced features. Fastest startup, Better mouse and keyboard usability, Built-in apps and utilities and lot of other attractive features make this windows best and powerful. There are more than 4 million Windows applications 45% of Windows devices now available are touch-capable having touch input.


Here are Some top Features you would be keen to Know about the exciting Updates

Dynamic and innovative look of  Desktop

The first thing you see when logging into Windows 8 is the tile-based interface looks stunning and attractive gives a new look to the windows 8. At first glance, the User Interface seems to go intuitively with touch screen devices like tablets and smartphones specially designed for the touch input. The grid layout facilitates in such way that you can customize your grid by adding and arranging different applications that you need the most on the top.

Power full Task Manager

Powerful task manager enables you to manually terminate a program or a task that is no responsive and makes your computer slow or hanged. Some new features in the Task Manager are now heat-mapped, so it’s simple to see at a glance which application is using CPU cycles or memory. Performance tab, CPU, memory or network connection and App History tab finally is the data counter, which shows how many megabytes of data individual apps are taken into account.

Improved Search Function

All you need is to just type anything in to the search box will appear from the right just type the file or folder you are looking for the result is there. The search capability is even stronger, this time, displaying all the matching apps and files.

Windows 8 Security

In the past few years, Microsoft has been trying to improve and secure the security features, adding the advanced security measures and competencies in its Windows operating system and other applications expanded in windows. In windows 8 introducing secure boot, Windows Defender, First Launch Anti-Malware, Smart Screen, Alternate Passwords pattern, App Container and Hardware bases security.

Reset PC

Windows 8 provides a very powerful and unique way or restoring and resetting. There are two types of Restore available a Throughout cleaning option that deletes all applications and data which is  unrecoverable by writing additional  files and 2nd method is Cleaning method.

Faster boot times

Do you know???Microsoft claims that they made Windows 8 boot times up to 60% to 70% faster than those of Windows 7.Yes, it’s happening by making some wonderful changes and improvement in the booting process to the way the PC shuts down and resumes.

Windows To Go

Windows To Go feature is an amazing feature which allows users to make a copy of their computer’s windows.

Windows Live Syncing

Another stunning feature for the remote desktop facility is Windows Live Syncing in which users can login on any Windows 8 PC with by this way the data is retrieved back with this option by doing settings on it.

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Windows 8 Product Key Generator + Registration Key Download Windows 8 Product Key Generator + Registration Key Download

How to download and Install Windows 8 Product Key Generator:

  • Download windows 8.
  • Download Windows 8 Product Key Generator.
  • Run windows 8 Windows 8 Product Key Generator as an administrator.
  • extract windows 8 Windows 8 Product Key Generator to any system folder.
  • Press and generate button to begin.

Windows 8 requirements:

Processor : 1GHz or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2

RAM : 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)

Hard disk space : 16GB

Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9.